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Cross Country - Junior

All juniors who are in the middle or long-distance groups are encouraged to participate in the Cross Country events.  The coaches will talk to athletes about the events and the put them in touch with the relevant Team Managers who will enter them for the races if they want to compete.


Here is some brief information on the competitions.


The club competes in the Kent League.  There are 4 races in this league and everyone who is a paid-up member is able to compete if they wish to do so.  For information of the races ie dates, times and location go to this website:



At the beginning of January, the Kent County Championships are held.  Again anyone can be entered for this.


Two other competitions that are open to everyone are:

  • The South of England Championships at the end of January

  • The English National Championships at the end of February


There are 2 other cross country events that you can enter which have a selection process:

  1. Inter-County Cross Country

  2. County Schools Cross Country


Inter-County Cross Country

There are 2 events, one in December and one in March.  Places for this are decided by your position in the Kent League Cross Country events and the Kent County Championships.


County Schools Cross Country

In early February there is a selection race to see if you can run for your school area.  Your school has to enter you. i.e if you are at a school in London then you would enter the London Schools event (, if your school is in Kent you would enter the Kent Schools event (

The English Schools Championship takes place in March (


If you want any more information, please speak to your coach.


There is also a Nationwide league called the British Athletics Cross Challenge.  If you are interested, speak to your coach who will discuss with you whether it is appropriate for you to enter.

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