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  • Christine Bond

Womens’ SCVAC – Match Three

A much better evening than the last! Highlight, seeing Cara win the W35 800m with a sensible race and storming lead at the end. Cara also ran a leg of the 4 x 100m and remained in one piece at the end. If ever there was a runner more determined to come back and reclaim the points she lost at the last match it's Cara. Since pulling her calf on the warm up for the 1500m only a few weeks ago, Cara has been undergoing painful rehab treatment so she can compete at this match for the club – it seemed worth it.

Without any sprinters Emily's 100m from behind looked though they all came through the line together. In true long distance style, Emily didn't get the best of starts and was just getting going when it was all over, her 800m later was more her distance even though that's too short also. Emily's Javelin was her best event tonight with both a win and PB, wonder what she could do if she actually had some practice!

Other PBs on the night, two for Rose Baker, 800m from 3:07 down to 3:01, 100m 18.2 down to 17.8. Maria MacDonald PBs came in the Shot Putt, Cara set a PB in the shot as first time. It's defiantly on the card to get these ladies some a few coaching sessions! Marlow Hadler held the field team together, with a win in the W60s shot put and dropping down to the W50s age group in the Javelin.

Over all we are in 4th positon, we really need to move up to 3rd to avoid being in division 2 next year, come on you Cambridge Harriers Girls, lets pull up! Any help would be greatly appreciated, Hopefully for the next match we will have Lisa and Joanne back, we might even see Xanine!

Next Match also at Bromley, Friday 10th June. Events; 200m, 1500m, 2000walk, 4 x 400m relay, Triple Jump, High Jump, Hammer – who wants to come out and play?

RESULTS: W35 100M Emily Gelder (W40) 15.2 5th W35 100M Rose Baker (W50) 17.8 3rd (B String) W35 800M Emily Gelder (W40) 2.39.8 4th W35 800M Cara Oliver (W40) 2.41.1 1st (B String) W35 4x100M Emily Gelder – Cara Oliver – Rose Baker – Christine Bond 67.2 4th W35 SHOT PUTT Cara Oliver (W40) 5.94 3rd W35 JAVELIN Emily Gelder (W40) 18.28 1st W50 100M Christine Bond 19.3 5th W50 800M Ros Tabor (W65) 3.01.2 2nd W50 SHOT PUTT Maria Macdonald (W60) 3.84 4th W50 JAVELIN Marlow Hadler (W70) 11.15 4th W60 100M Ros Tabor (W65) 18.0 1st W60 SHOT PUTT Marlow Hadler (W70) 6.28 1st

MATCH RESULTS 1. Dartford 6 / 77 2. Blackheath & Bromley 5 / 60 3. Bexley 5 / 56 4. CAMBRIDGE HARRIERS 3 / 53 5. Bromley Veterans 2 / 36

OVERALL DETAILS 1. Dartford 18 / 214 2. Blackheath & Bromley 13 / 152 3. Bexley 12 / 137 4. CAMBRIDGE HARRIERS 10 / 136 5. Bromley Veterans 7 / 101


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