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VLM 2018 – It Weren’t Half Hot Mum!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

24°C, the hottest London Marathon – ever! It was a fantastic day for spectators and supporters but brutal for runners, nevertheless there were some spectacularly good performances from some of our best road runners with everyone who started turning in great efforts given the savage heat. Yes, there are some who succumbed and will be disappointed with their times, but given the circumstances their determination cannot be denied.  Cambridge put out a field of 22 starters, everyone of us was feeling apprehensive of the conditions as we sweltered at the three starts across Blackheath. Ten o’clock comes, Her Majesty presses the big red button and we’re off! Those in the first waves get going very quickly and are soon into their stride, further back down the starting pens the usual chippy-step trot eventually opens up, the start lines crossed and watches started. Everyone will have their own story to tell but I think all appreciated the superb organisation and provision of water at every mile along the course.

As far as the results are concerned, there were some excellent times with Phil Dickens being the first Cambridge home and posting an amazing 76th place in the whole field! Strong runs followed from James MacDonald, Danny Kendall and Steve Groom all getting in under 3 hours and in the first 1000 finishers – chapeau! As stated, the heat was a real wildcard which affected some more than others (tell me about it!) but there were some age category achievements which must not go unnoticed; Peter Hadley (34th), Rose Baker (37th), Maria MacDonald (43rd) and John Dawe (58th) – fantastic running by all.

So it’s over for another year. Let’s hope we get some seasonally normal weather next time!


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