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  • Maryse Ford

Senior Women at the SEAAs

To many the course at Parliament Hill is the highlight of the cross country season. It’s tough, hilly and usually very muddy. It also has a reputation that puts many off even trying. Seven of our senior women turned out for a mass start of nearly 700 competitors. It is a hard call as to whether to surge on up the hill with the leaders and so avoid getting too badly boxed when the course narrows and turns before a short descent or to start conservatively and risk getting stuck behind other runners scrapping to pass them. By the time the back of the field started the second climb on the first lap the leaders were opposite them most of the way down the other side. That is the real strength of these championships -they attract internationals but a club runner is not out of place. You just have to run your own race, enjoy the experience and the huge support. Lucy Marlow established herself at the top end of the field but by her own admission lacked the confidence to really let fly on the downhill sections. Amelia Ritchie was a couple of minutes back. She is preparing for a marathon and so had already done eleven miles before the start. Chris Bond and Sue Dixon were next but unfortunately Sue felt very faint on the first lap and was forced to pull out. Christine meanwhile was running very steadily. Next were Sally Carr, Marian Hine and Maria Macdonald. And a good time was had by all!


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