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  • Christine Bond

SCVAC Kent League, Match 3 – Women

A beautiful evening within the beautiful setting of Tonbridge AC. Started with three third’s in the 100m, Susan (once again dropping an age group!) Lisa & Ros. Ros came all the way to run one 100m! an event she doesn’t train for, it was nice to see Andy too, get to do double the distance if you want to come to Gillingham Ros for the W60’s 200m!

1500m saw Sally and Lisa again running together as if taking part in a three-legged race! In the W50’s Susan ran a very sensible race and it was only the last lap that spilt the three out in front from the rest of the group. On the field, it was alternating a jump in the pole vault and a putt in the W35 shot for Chris Bond on the field, Jenny in the W50’s launched the shot to take first place whilst in the W60’s Anna’s familiar voice of “I’ll have a go……” got us a 3rd on no training at all in the W60’s shot. Jenny also got 1st in the hammer despite being disappointed with her throw, mind you, her best throw was the one just after having ran in the 4 x 100 relay! “that warmed me up!” she said! Anna’s evening wasn’t over and having a couple of throws in a practice last Thursday took to the hammer circle remembering to walk out the back! her lack of experience didn’t seem to show at all and it was second place for her which at least gave her a PB. Chris Bond however dropping to the younger age group couldn’t even make the grass, a couple of Tonbridge A/C wondering if the tarmac could take any more dents by the third round, still made everyone laugh and she made up for it in the Pole Vault by 1st place before pulling out to save her aching back – poor thing!

Relay, well we got the baton round and enjoyed it, if we had three Susan Dixon’s we’d have done much better! To end we joined Dartford in McDonalds which was really nice and talked about how long we’d all been in the sports! Next Match – Monday 10th June at Gillingham, all W35’s and over are invited


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