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More Covid Implications....

Normally, we would be offered entries into the Virgin London Marathon consequent of members volunteering to service water stations and kindly donating them to the club, however this year it will be different. Because of the postponement of last year's event, all of the so offered places have been forwarded to the next few years and so there will be no places offered for 2021 therefore there will be no club ballot again this year. We don't know what will happen in 2022/3, we'll have to wait and see.

Another event falling foul of Covid restrictions is the Midweek Assembly League, which has been cancelled for this year. I don't suppose any of this will come as a surprise but it's a disappointment nevertheless when the end game is now in sight. As far The Big Half, I haven't had confirmation that it will be postponed/cancelled but it can't proceed under current restrictions. For those place holders still to confirm registration, I would do so to ensure your place whenever it may be.

As someone once said, tomorrow will be a good day.


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