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  • Phil Dickens

Men’s SCVAC – Southern Counties Final

The men’s team finished fourth in the Southern Counties Final in Ashford on Sunday. Twenty-one athletes made up the team and competing in every event. Team manager, Wole Odele, competed in eight events and Paris Hunt, Stanley Thomas in five each.

There were wins for Tony Tipping in the M50 Shot Put with a distance of 12.36M and the M50 Hammer with 42.71M, as well as a second place in the M50 Discus in 38.29m, ad joint third in the M50 Pole Vault in 2.40m.

There was also a win for Andy Kruszewski in the M35 with throwing 38.44m to go with third in the men’s Discus in 10.85M.

Paris Hunt scored points in five events

Christian Poulton leading the M50 1500M

RESULTS: M35 100M Wole Odele (M50) 12.98 3rd M35 100M Paris Hunt (M50) 13.86 5th B String M50 100M Stanley Thomas (M55) 13.38 4th M60 100M Tim Carter (M60) 14.42 4th M35 200M Wole Odele (M50) 26.05 3rd M35 200M Stanley Thomas (M55) 28.35 5th B String M50 200M Paris Hunt 29.25 5th M35 400M Wole Odele (M50) 59.32 6th M35 400M Mark Ashby (M50) 69.03 5th B String M50 400M Stanley Thomas (M55) 67.63 6th M60 400M Doug Lucas (M65) 65.65 2nd M35 800M Matt Preston (M40) 2:17.74 5th M35 800M Phil Dickens (M35) 2:54.18 5th M50 800M Mark Ashby (M50) 2.28.10 5th M35 1500M Dom Fiore (M40) 4:56.29 5th M35 1500M Steve Smythe (M55) 5:39.82 5th B String M50 1500M Christian Poulton (M50) 4:54.47 4th M60 1500M Jerry Carnell (M60) 5:29.60 3rd M35 3000M Andy Inglis (M35) 9.26.37 3rd M35 3000M Phl Dickens (M35) 9.35.28 4th B String M50 3000M Christian Poulton 10.25.01 2nd M35 2000M WALK John Murphy (M55) 12.:59.75 4th M50 2000M WALK Steve Smythe (M55) DQ 4x100M RELAY Wole Odele – Stanley Thomas – Doug Lucas – Tim Carter 54.93 6th 4x400M RELAY Wole Odele – Stanley Thomas – Christian Poulton – Doug Lucas 4:41.02 6th M35 HIGH JUMP Paris Hunt (M50) 1.30 =4th M50 HIGH JUMP Wole Odele (M50) 1.35 =3rd M60 HIGH JUMP Tim Carter (M60) NM M35 POLE VAULT Paris Hunt (M50) 1.80 =3rd M50 POLE VAULT Tony Tipping (M50) 2.40 =3rd M35 LONG JUMP Stanley Thomas (M55) 4.51 3rd M50 LONG JUMP Wole Odele (M50) 4.85 3rd M60 LONG JUMP Tim Carter (M60) 3.99 2nd M35 TRIPLE JUMP Stanley Thomas (M50) 8.96 2nd M50 TRIPLE JUMP Wole Odele (M50) 9.79 2nd M35 SHOT PUT Andy Kruszewski (M55) 10.85 3rd M50 SHOT PUT Tony Tipping (M50) 12.36 1st M60 SHOT PUT Peter Hawney (M65) 9.40 2nd M35 DISCUS Andy Kruszewski (M55) 38.44 1st M50 DISCUS Tony Tipping (M50) 38.29 2nd M60 DISCUS Peter Hawney (M65) 32.30 2nd M35 HAMMER Peter Wishart (M55) 21.67 6th M50 HAMMER Tony Tipping (M50) 42.71 1st M35 JAVELIN Peter Hawney (M65) 21.77 6th M50 JAVELIN Paris Hunt (M50) 31.99 3rd

MATCH RESULTS 1. Southampton 250 2. Herne Hill Harriers 213.5 3. Hercules Wimbledon 185 4. CAMBRIDGE HARRIERS 179.5 5. Dartford Harriers 169.5 6. Abingdon 163.5 7. Barnet & District 53


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