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Kent XC Championships – Senior men

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Bayley Massey has been snapping at the heels of his training partner Dean Lacy for some while now and at the Kent Champs he finally beat him in a competitive race for the first time. Our fourth finisher, David Worden had one of his best ever runs for us to finish just two places behind James MacDonald.

On paper our entry of 25 runners looked as if it might have been in with a chance of team medals but with nine no-shows and a further two failing to finish it was not to be: Christian Poulton had the honour of completing the six-to-score team taking it to 5th position while Pat Austin completed the twelve-to-score for another 5th place.

Our fifth finisher, David Reader, is now leading in our Grand Prix competition by virtue of having completed all five qualifying races to date, but with three races still to come it is still all up for grabs. Leading positions at this stage are as follows:


17 42:55 Bayley Massey 24 43:59 Dean Lacy 41 45:26 James MacDonald 43 45:51 David Worden 71 49:04 David Reader 91 50:35 Christian Poulton 99 51:12 David Robinson 109 52:25 Mark Penny 130 54:24 Graham Maynard 169 59:06 Alan Black 177 61:18 Clem Dixon 186 64:45 Pat Austin 192 69:01 Roderick Cookey 194 69:36 Ian McCarthy


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