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  • Holly Dixon

ITU World Duathlon Championships


After a cancelled flight, lovely Aunty Sally, also a Cambridge Harrier, on her day off collected mum and I from Gatwick to get us to Stanstead where we managed to pick up another flight, lots of stress and tears and we hadn't even got there yet!! Finally mum and I got to Copenhagen Friday evening to then take a two hour train to Odense, luggage wasn't particularly light nor easy travelling with a bike in a box plus other bags! The race was on the Sunday which meant Saturday was a very nervous day for me. I spent the day preparing my bike and equipment (and myself!) Race morning was chilly. I was incredibly nervous but grateful to have my GB team mates with me at the start line. The race consisted of a 6K run to start, 20K bike and then a 2.5K run to finish. I managed to get to the front of the start line which gave me a good start into the run. I finished the first run in the top 10 females and second in my age group.

I got into a pack on the bike which helped me travel faster. We worked well together however one of the girls took a tumble at a turn which meant the pack broke up near to the finish. Out of bike transition, and I had managed to keep in the top 10 and move up to second in my age group. Onto the last run and I kept a steady pace. By this time the sun was out and it was very hot. However I wasn’t caught and finished the race second in the world in my age group! I had an awesome race and really enjoyed the day!


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