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  • Mick Bond

Club Development and Club Success on the World Stage

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Daryll Neita was anchor leg runner in the GB Women’s 4×1 team at the world championships in Doha. After a great change over with Dina Asher Smith to get front of the US team and take silver behind the Jamaicans. Daryll first joined Cambridge Harriers  when she was 11 and one of her first competitions was against Dina in the Kent League when they were both in the U13 age group

Want to help more stories like this come true ?

Want to help make Cambridge harriers a bigger better club ?

Then come along to our next club development meeting. Date Monday 4th November at 6.45pm, Venue the clubroom at Sutcliffe. Themes will be

  1. Recruitment – How can we attract more people young and old to our club ?

  1. Retention. Each year roughly 20% of our members don’t renew their membership, how can we reduce this figure?

  1. Performance, How can we help our individual members and teams to perform to a higher level ?

If you are interested in contributing to the discussions just turn up on the night at 6.45pm. Contact Mick Bond if you want any more info


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