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  • Graham Maynard

Assembly League – Victoria Park (3.5mls) 3/8/2023

Despite taking a tumble at the finish line, apparently `nudged` by a fellow runner, Bobby Babaker

was in great form at Victoria Park, being the first club runner home and taking a chunk of time off his

best performance over the 3.5 mile course. With Luke Martin also getting into the top ten, and our

Senior Men’s A team achieving fourth place and the B team third place, it was one of the best team

performances at an Assembly League race for several years. Good to see Rose Baker competing

after a seven year break from her last Assembly League race. We are waiting confirmation of the

last league race at Beckenham on Thursday 7th September.

8 Bobby Babaker 18:27

10 Luke Martin 18:35

13 James Macdonald 18:49

21 Brett Baker 19:17

22 Andrew Doyle 19:18

23 Luke Ford 19:20

32 Duncan Hope 19:52

44 Dan Easton 20:15

50 James Pitts 20:24

61 Lucy Foreman 21:02

79 Will Longhurst 21:30

149 Graham Maynard 23:53

181 Rose Baker 25:55


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