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2016 Club Membership

Club Members,

Your membership subscription to Cambridge Harriers AC is due on 1st January 2016.

The Club has had to increase the annual subscription fees for 2016 to maintain support for teams and other activities. In addition the England Athletics registration fee has been increased by £1.00. The new fees are shown on the attached Club renewal form.

Please note the Club is able to be sensitive and discrete in cases where there is difficulty in paying subscriptions, though this will need to be discussed with the Chairman (Mick Bond) or the Membership Secretary (Noel Carmody) before the 31st January 2016 to sort out an accommodation. See renewal form for full explanation.

Payment methods:

1) Cheque made payable to Cambridge Harriers sent to the Membership Secretary - details on attached renewal form.

2) Cheque made payable to Cambridge Harriers handed to the Membership Secretary at the track, please write club members name on reverse.

3) Cash handed to the Membership Secretary at the track. MUST be in an envelope clearly marked with club members name.

4) Internet Banking, the easiest method. Club Bank details on renewal form. Please follow the instructions regarding payment reference. Some members ignored this in 2015 creating extra work for the Treasurer and Membership Secretary, who are volunteers!!!!!.

If you do not intend renewing your membership, please email the membership secretary so that Club & EA records can be updated.

If you joined part way through 2015, contact the membership secretary first, so he can tell you how much your fees will be for 2016.

Anyone who has not renewed their membership by 30th April 2016 will be deemed to have resigned and will have their membership terminated and if applicable their England Athletics Registration deactivated.

Noel Carmody

CH Membership Secretary


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