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Cottrell Cup

Jack Cottrell (1871 – 1926) was one of the seven founding members of Cambridge Harriers in 1890 and became the club’s secretary shortly afterwards, a position he held until 1909. 

The cup that bears his name dates back to 1892 and is the oldest in the club’s possession. Historically it has been awarded to the leading senior cross country runner over the course of the season with various approaches having been used to determine the winner.


Currently, it is awarded to the senior runner who has participated in the most races during the course of the season compared to the previous season. Obviously this puts new members and anyone else who didn’t compete for the club in the previous season at a big advantage, but that is the intention: to encourage more new faces into the sport.

Past Winners


  • 2013 James MacDonald

  • 2014 James Gordon

  • 2015 Graham Maynard

  • 2016 Mal Pires

  • 2017 Dean Lacy

  • 2018 Susan Dixon

  • 2019 Joe Simmons

  • 2020 Martin Hawkins

  • 2022 Chris Loudon

  • 2023 Georgia Huddleston & Geoff Smith

  • 2024 James Floyd

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